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Behind The Lyrics Of Vámonos.

Behind Vámonos

I wrote this song from a perspective of young or even old immigrant couple. They are sick of their circumstances, and they want to leave their home country in hope of a better future. This is dedicated to all immigrants that made the journey; and to my parents who made the journey. This song represents the moment when they decided to leave, with hope, love, with and each other

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Todo Para Ti

Behind The Lyrics Of Todo Para Ti.

Behind Todo Para Ti

I wrote this song with the perspective of a husband telling his wife on her death bed; about the start  of it and how great their love is, and ending in an explosion of love through sound (since love sometimes can’t be put into words). It is dedicated to anyone staying by their significant other when sickness kicks in; it’s a celebration of love, specially those in my home country Venezuela.

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Te Extraño

Behind The Lyrics Of Te Extrańo.

Behind Te Extraño

I wrote this song from a perspective of a guy going through a bad break up. He got drunk and now he’s sending message via text that he shouldn’t (who has felt or gone thru that?). As the song progresses he gets more drunk to the point he ask her if she still misses him. Dedicated to all broken hearts.

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